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  • Baltimore in 48 Hours


    Earlier this month we spent a long weekend in Baltimore, Maryland!  We were headed up there to see a doctor at Johns Hopkins for some ongoing issues I’ve been having with my neck, arms, and hands.  My appointment was on a Thursday so we decided to make a trip of it.  I’d never been to […]

  • History
  • Day 9- Rosslyn Chapel


    & every breath we drew was Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen. I didn’t take a photo of our breakfast on this morning and it was one of my favorite ones! I had a hard-boiled egg and Chris had eggs, toast and bacon.  My hard-boiled egg was really delicious – I had never gotten an egg like this […]

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  • White Coffee

    04 White Coffee

    While we were in Oban we had the most delicious coffee- the café called it White Coffee.  It was smooth and strong and had the greatest foam topping.  It almost tasted like hot chocolate to me.  Chris did some research for how to make a White Coffee and found several articles about variations of a […]