My name is Emily and I am 8th grade English teacher who loves to travel.  I grew up looking at my grandparent’s travel photos and albums, reading books about far-away places, and drawing maps of places I loved and places I wanted to visit.

I met my husband Chris in 2006 and soon after we started dating I starting sending him emails and texts of amazing photos that other people had taken all around the world.  I would write ‘We Go’ along with it.  He would respond back enthusiastically and we have traveled as much as we could throughout our marriage.


Then last year we got the opportunity to plan our dream trip.  We visited Ireland, Scotland, England and France over the course of 16 days.  I loved traveling as much as I thought I would but what was surprising to me was how much I wanted to share what we were seeing with our friends and family.  We took a photo of ourselves in a new place each morning and I waited with itchy fingers until a reasonable time back in the US to text our family.


We talked through a number of possibilities of how to document our trip and decided on this blog.  I started journaling and shortly after ChrisandEmilyGo was made.  I am so excited to share our adventures and hopefully meet other travelers.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear someone say our photographs made them want to travel!

In this blog we will show you what a full day of travel in various places is actually like, share photography, talk about tackling the planning stages of a big trip, what to pack on a long trip, and many more tips and ideas.


We currently live in East Tennessee spend our free time dreaming about future adventures, eating chips and salsa, exploring our state, cooking brunch and watching copious amounts of Netflix.  We try to see every day as a new adventure!


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