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04 White Coffee

how to make white coffee

While we were in Oban we had the most delicious coffee- the café called it White Coffee.  It was smooth and strong and had the greatest foam topping.  It almost tasted like hot chocolate to me.  Chris did some research for how to make a White Coffee and found several articles about variations of a similar coffee- the flat white (espresso based), latte (espresso based), and café au lait (coffee based) all came up.

The first day we were back from our trip to the UK we went to the store and got things to make White Coffee.  Here is the recipe Chris came up with and it is very close to the White Coffee we got in romantic Oban.  We make this on lazy weekend mornings and look forward to it all week.  So long, Waffle House.

03 White Coffee

04 White Coffee

Makes 2 cups of White Coffee-

1 cup Whole Milk

2 cups coffee

Brown sugar to taste

Whipping device – we recommend the Aerolatte


We use a French press to make our coffee. We really like this device because you can make the coffee as strong as you like.   Add 3 TBS espresso into French press-or coffee maker of your choice.

05 White Coffee

06 White Coffee

07 White Coffee

08 White Coffee

Heat water (we do about two cups of water) to just under the boil.  We use a kettle now for all our water boiling needs.  We love it.

09 White Coffee

Add heated water to press until coffee is covered.  This is called saturating the powder.  If it is clumped give it a stir.

10 White Coffee

11 White Coffee

12 White Coffee

Then add the rest of the water (about 2 cups total).

14 White Coffee

15 White Coffee

We like our coffee strong so we let it sit for 8 minutes.  Brew for however long you like!  While it is working its magic you can move onto the milk.

Heat milk until hot but not boiling.  We use the microwave and stir in 30 second increments until it is just right.  You could also heat your milk on the stove.  Please use whole milk for this.

16 White Coffee

Now this is the important part – you need to froth the milk.  Using our Aerolatte we whip the milk for 10-15 seconds or until it is nice and foamy.

17 White Coffee

18 White Coffee

Plunge coffee to stop brewing.

19 White Coffee

20 White Coffee

Gently fold foam back into the milk being careful not to break up the foam too much.

21 White Coffee

Pour equal parts coffee and hot milk together into the cup and top with a little more of the foam.

22 White Coffee

23 White Coffee

24 White Coffee

25 White Coffee

Spoon in your sugar choice (we use brown sugar) and watch it sink down into the foam.  Stir gently.

28 29

Enjoy with a jam layered cake!

33 White Coffee


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  1. HEAB says: Reply

    Thanks guys. bet that first sip with the bit of brown sugar melted in the foam is delicious! Will be trying this very soon.

    Love that pic with the light coming in through the curtained window. So inviting.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Yes, I love the brown sugar part! 🙂

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